Captain Cronus

Contact me on discord, CaptainCronus#9515
Please only DM for business reasons.
Keep in mind I'm an adult artist, though this page is SFW.

Commission Information

Prices are subject to change!Read my TOS please!Patreons get extra commission rewards, including discounts! Check my patreon if you are interested!

Headshots / Icons

*Can work with descriptions!
These also go for telegram stickers, and emotes!

15.00 Flat + minimal shading20.00 Cell Shaded30.00 Fully Shaded


*Can work with a description, but it'll be an extra $10-$30 depending on how much I personally have to design.
Can be SFW or NSFW, no extra charge.

50.00 Flat color + minimal shading65.00 Cell Shaded90.00 Fully ShadedAny extra character is +50% of the original character, NOT including background price.+10 for sketchy background
+30 for clean background
+60 for painted and fully rendered backgroundText

Reference Sheets

Obviously can work with descriptions. Includes designing fee in price.
Can be either SFW, NSFW or include both versions.
Super complex characters will be an extra $20-$30!
I do not shade my reference sheets.

Starts off at 85.00 with a front and back full-body.Additional full-bodies are 35.00
Additional half-bodies are 25.00


Typically 5-7 panels
Extra complicated designs are extra!
The theme won't add onto the price! It can be anything!
Extra characters are half the original price
If you want a background, you're going to have to detail it to me!

Price per Flat color page : 150.00
Flat coloring and half shaded, simple backgrounds
Price per Cell Shaded page : 200.00
Flat coloring with cell shading, simple background
Price per Full color page : 300.00
Fully colored and rendered, simple or complex background are okay


- I require payment upfront before any sketch is started; unless you're on a trusted whitelist!- I will do changes to your commission afterwards, but if you are purposefully trying to trip me up or something like that, I will decline or blacklist you.- I take many forms of payment; Stripe will always be high priority though, atm. I will accept PAYPOOP, but please watch this if you're wondering why I don't particularly want to use it :l
- (I am now requiring a fee of $20, regardless of commission type when we use payypoiaoasl! There are literally a MILLIion reasons why we BOTH should not be using this website to rely on commissions, so let's do ourselves a favor and just go with the easier option!)
- I can run on a deadline, just let me know beforehand! There might be an extra fee if it's an extreme deadline!- I don't do "private" commissions! I do, however, do anonymous commissions! No extra charge, don't worry!- Sometimes it takes me a while to post my work; don't worry! You can post yours whenever you want!- I do NOT. UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Take refunds after the initial sketch is made! Please plan your money accordingly!- If you are a youtuber and plan to use my art in a video / commission art for a video, please let me know so we can work something out! (Mostly, proper crediting IN the video)- If you are getting a commission for someone or with someone, I am now going to require confirmation of consent to be in your commission. This can be as simple as a screenshot of them saying they're okay with you getting a commission with them, adult and nsfw consent included! This is to prevent troll commissions or commissions including people without their consent.- Please TELL ME if you are going to use your commission for commercial purposes.-- Please do not flirt with me or make me uncomfortable during, or after your commission.

- I will not draw characters that appear to be or could be mistaken as a child in nsfw. Nor will I work with characters who have art that is nsfw and appears to be child-like in nature.- Cubs, adbl, diapers, anything related to it;- Cheating / cuckholding, even as a "consensual kink". This doesn't count for including different characters, just if it's specifically referenced or implied.- Scat and disposal- Gore, rape and harm, this includes hard vore. Some violence might be okay, but othing too graphic.- Hyper fat / muscle / Hyper genitals- Any form of hate speech, positivity for harmful people and pieces made specifically to spark drama- Zoo / Realistic female animal genitalia / Feral characters (maybe pokemon, I'm not so sure. Ponies don't count here for me.)- Fetishization of lgbt+ people and/ or anti-trans, including c-boys and futas.